• 200 liter Barrel Making Machine – Steel Barrel Seam Welding Process

    The parameter adjustment points of the seam welding process of the steel drum welding seam welding process are more than that of the spot welding. Because in addition to the welding current, the electric pressure of the roller, and the welding time, the distance between the welding spots, the wel...
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  • Basic Functions of Oil Drum Flanging Machine Air Storage Tank Flanging Equipment

    The flanging machine is one of the barrel-making equipment in the barrel-making industry, which is indispensable. The barrel flanging machine produced is mainly for the flanging function of steel drums, gas storage tanks and square barrels. It has the advantages of simple operation, time saving a...
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  • How should the CNC spinning machine improve the efficiency?

    Common techniques are used in the manufacture of tools in CNC spinning machines. While it provides highly reliable results, it can also be expensive and time consuming. Like many others, mold industry players have also begun to look for more efficient options. Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) f...
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  • A brief understanding of which control method is used in CNC spinning

    Metal spinning, the spinning process is usually to clamp the metal sheet on the spinning machine. The spinning machine is similar to the ordinary machine tool. During the processing, the blank is formed against a three-dimensional mold core. The spindle drives the blank and the mold core to rotat...
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  • Professional manufacturer of Steel Drum Making Machine

    The newly developed barrel-making production line of our factory has advanced design, excellent material selection and high processing precision. It can be called the most advanced barrel-making equipment in China. The steel drum mid-section equipment is a new generation of steel drum manufacturi...
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  • Common faults and solutions in the work of CNC spinning machine

    With the continuous development of aircraft and spacecraft product performance, spinning technology, especially spinning technology, is playing an increasingly important role in the aerospace industry. Spinning is often used to process conductors, end caps, tank heads, nose cones, nozzles, variou...
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  • Can LNG trucks be directly refilled?

    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG for short), the main component is methane, is recognized as the cleanest energy on earth. Can LNG trucks be directly filled? Next, I will give you a specific analysis and introduction. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive, its volume is about 1/625 of the sa...
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  • What qualifications are required to produce LNG cylinders?

    LNG cylinders, the full name of liquefied natural gas cylinders, is a highly technical industry that requires production companies to have production personnel, plant sites, and equipment. The LNG cylinder is designed as a low-temperature adiabatic pressure vessel with a double-layer (vacuum) str...
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  • What are the reasons that affect the return speed of the hydraulic cylinder

    What are the reasons that affect the return speed of the hydraulic cylinder? The return spring of the reversing valve of the hydraulic press not only has insufficient elastic force, but also has a skew phenomenon, which causes the spool of the reversing valve to fail to return to its original pos...
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  • Analysis and Removal of Common Faults of Hydraulic Equipment

    1.1 The working pressure of the hydraulic system is abnormal, and the pressure does not go up. The working pressure is one of the basic parameters of the hydraulic system. Whether the working pressure is normal or not will greatly affect the working performance of the hydraulic system. The abnorm...
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  • CNC Cylinder Spinning and Necking-in/Closing Machine

    At present, the company has four characteristic series of products. 1. Cold spinning series: from two-wheel general spinning to two-wheel powerful spinning, three-wheel powerful spinning and four-wheel powerful spinning to form a full range of products, the current specifications can be achieved:...
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  • What is the Vehicle LNG Storage Tank?

    Vehicle LNG storage tank refers to a high vacuum insulation container for storing LNG on a vehicle. Designed with double layer (vacuum) structure. The inner tank is used to store low-temperature liquid LNG, and its outer wall is wrapped with multiple layers of thermal insulation material, which h...
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